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The 2020 annual general conference will take place June 18-20, 2020 in Prague.

Recommended hotels in Prague

Childcare in Prague (near to Prague’s City Convention Center)

Name Description Extra services Info in English? Address Contact
Dětský hotel “U babičky” ‘Hotel’ for children. 24/7. The client determines the time of babysitting according to their needs
They pick up the child and bring they back home, if requested.
No Kotorská 28, Praha 4 +420 602 663 681
Susie’s Babysitting Prague Multi-language childcare solution.
Specialist in ad-hoc and temporary babysitting
Available anywhere in Prague.
Child-minding: caring for children at carer’s home.
Yes Branická 1573/114, Prague +420 607 444 012


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