Social Events at EPSA 2017


at Calicantus Café, Corte Ducale, Sforza Castle

Side Event at EPSA
Wednesday 21st June 2017, 18:00-21:00


The event is followed by Milan Music Festival concerts of classical (in Cortile delle Armi) and modern music (in different squares, here the programme).


ITALY IN A GLASS: A Wine Tasting EPSA Experience!

 Discover the best Italian wines of small production wineries:
hidden treasures from one of the oldest
wineproducing countries

Side Event at EPSA Welcome Reception
Thursday 22nd June 2017, 19:00-23:00

Participation rules: to take part you must

    • Be registered to or accompany a participant of the EPSA conference 2017
    • Buy here a WINE TASTING CARD for € 25.00 (plus 8% tax and commission fee) which entitles you to 10 wine tastings

A selection of the wine list is available on Un Bicchiere d’Italia

The event is organized by the Cultural Association Viva Il Vino