About EPSA

The European Political Science Association was founded in 2010, to pursue the following objectives:

  • To represent and promote political science in Europe.
  • To foster development in postgraduate training of political scientists in Europe.
  • To promote undergraduate teaching of political scientists in Europe.
  • To facilitate networking by political scientists worldwide.
  • To host an annual general conference of political scientists, with the first held in June 2011 in Dublin (at the Guinness Storehouse Conference Centre), and subsequent conferences held in major cities across Europe, including Berlin, Barcelona, Edinburgh, and Vienna.
  • To publish a general journal of political science that will have a profile, impact, and structure on a par with top general political science journals in the United States.The first edition of the EPSA journal, Political Science Research and Methods, was launched in 2013.

The EPSA held an inaugural workshop held in June 2010 to clarify goals and define the purpose of the new organization.

In June 2011, EPSA held its first annual general conference in Dublin, at the Guinness Storehouse Conference Centre. This meeting was attended by nearly 400 delegates from across Europe and North America, and consisted of 93 panels drawn from 10 sections of political science. At this meeting an interim council and officers were also selected.

The second annual general conference was held in Berlin from 21-23 June, 2012, at the New Malthouse and the Environmental Forum in the Church of Resurrection, from 21-23 June, 2012, with over 500 delegates. The third general conference was held in Barcelona, at the Parlement de Catalunya and the Institut Verdaguer, with nearly 600 delegates. The fourth annual general conference took place from June 19-21, 2014 in Edinburgh at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The 5th Annual General Conference of the EPSA took place in Vienna, in the  Schloss Schönbrunn and Springer Schlößl from 25-27 June 2015.

The sixth annual general conference will take place in the Square in Brussels, from 23-25 June 2016.

EPSA has a mailing list, epsa-info-list@epsanet.org. To subscribe, send any email (blank is fine) to epsa-info-list-join@epsanet.org. To send a post, you may send an announcement directly to epsa-info-list@epsanet.org. Postings are moderated but free of charge.