The European Political Science Association welcomes anyone interested in the study of politics and political science to become a member. 

Founded in 2010, EPSA’s aims are the following:

  • To represent and promote political science in Europe.
  • To foster development in postgraduate training of political scientists in Europe.
  • To promote undergraduate teaching of political scientists in Europe.
  • To facilitate networking by political scientists worldwide.
  • To host an annual general conference of political scientists.
  • To publish a general journal of political science on par with journals in the United States.

Annual Conference 2017

22-24 June 2017, Milan

The seventh annual general conference will take place at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, from 22-24 June 2017. Registration is open and the programme is here.

Check here for the events and opportunities organized for the conference, or here for the programme.

Art Corner: Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper is located in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, just opposite of Il Palazzo delle Stelline. For conservation purposes, access is allowed to small groups of 25 visitors on selected days and time slots. Booking is compulsory and tickets are available from several websites, e.g. here and here. If interested, we strongly suggest to book your visit as soon as possible. EPSA is not planning a group event.

Museo della Pietà Rondanini, the last unfinished sculpture of Michelangelo Buonarroti, is in the Sforza Castle, a short walk from Il Palazzo delle Stelline. Tickets can also be bought online and on site but admission is limited to 30 visitors at a time. Booking of time slots is only available for groups of between 20 and 30 visitors.

EPSA 2017 7th Annual Conference

The 7th annual general conference will take place in the Palazzo delle Stelline in beautiful Milan, from 22-24 June 2017. Registration is open and the programme is available.


Members can register and pay annual dues on-line. Rates are €85 for full members and €55 for student members. Join now by clicking here.

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